“The Exorcist” and then some


Gina Davis as the possessed hostess with the mostest from Fox network’s The Exorcist

I have become a big fan of Fox Network’s TV series The Exorcist – I saw The Exorcist in a movie theater when it first came out. I guess it was the 70s, although I can barely remember anything about it because, at the time, I was stoned out of my mind on weed. It was, after all, the 70s. Over the years, I never really did think about the movie, nor did I follow the career ups and downs of its star, actor Linda Blair. Neither did I remember the basic plot of the film, or even the characters. But when I started watching the TV version of it, it piqued my interest enough to Google it, and the narrative for the TV connection quickly emerged – same demons, different family, with a plot twist of the Pope coming to Chicago where Regan McNeil, the original object of demonic possession, has gone incognito –  changed her name and started her own family. The demon – who originally went after her is now trying to get her back through one of her daughters – Cacey. Sorry if a spoiler alert should have been posted, but this show has been on TV for several months and is now into the 9th episode of season one as of this draft. The demon never achieved full integration with Regan, which has incensed it all of these years. Integration is full-on permanent possession; which is why the priest in the original movie took the demon onto himself and then plunged out the window to his death (again getting this from Internet research in present time), so as to not allow the demon full integration with Regan, the pre-teen in the movie.

You may be wondering why I wrote the movie off shortly after it came out (to enormous fanfare, I might add), only to be fascinated by the TV reiteration. It is because in the 40-some year interlude, I went new age and occultic, became a professional psychic, experienced the reality of the demonic realm, sought help from a Christian deliverance expert, became a born again Christian in 2013 and since then have been committed to exposing the unfruitful works of darkness in a way that God chooses, although I have not been that good at detecting how that looks, as far as I can tell.

A little more back story: When I became a Christian I did not really know any other Christians. Some people I knew invited me to their church, which wasn’t really that close to where I lived, but I did start out there, and then after a few months, some people stood up at the service and announced that they would be starting a new church in my area, which I went to for awhile. I could not really relate to the emphasis of the new church: reproducing all the other “outreach” programs that churches in the area do – meals at Thanksgiving, school supplies for kids – these are all things that churches do to fulfill their community services mission statements and keep receiving their 501c status and tax breaks. I have been inclined to observe that many of these programs are more for the churches to fulfill their mission statements than they are addressing the really pressing needs of the underprivileged and poor, such as a system that has an unequal distribution of wealth and privilege based on nepotism, classism and political corruption that makes policies and laws wherein the vulnerable can be exploited and stolen from at every turn. They’d rather you donate to give away reams of turkeys and pumpkin pies, coats, school supplies and cheap plastic trinkets.  I actually went to services where the preacher said “God wants you to be rich,” and “God wants you to have a big house.” This sounded, to me, suspiciously like new age prosperity consciousness and when I mentioned this (big mistake) I was told curtly that it was not.

I also went to a “progressive” church for awhile where the good-looking, young, well spoken minister made fun of his fundamentalist upbringing during almost every Sunday “message” (not called sermons in the modern churches), once going so far as to show a slide of a little brick church with a white steeple, that he said “almost made him sick to look at;” made fun of the fundamentalist injunction to read the Bible daily as a means to deepen Christian spirituality, and made a point of advocating for the rights of the LGBT (there was no Q at that time) community and encouraging the congregation to reach out to the gay community almost every week. He said he called fundamentalists “fundies” and could also “smell them in the room,” because he’d come up with them. Unbeknownst to that minister, I’d been calling them fundies for almost twenty years, way before I became born again, and I had  never had anywhere close to the amount of sneering disdain this guy had for them, and I’d come up Catholic. So you see, as a person newly committed to following the teachings of Jesus Christ, I was totally perplexed and confused by Christians. This was deeply disappointing to me, since I went to these churches to learn about living a Christian life and to understand the Bible better. The younger churches want to distance themselves from old-school fundamentalists, who are considered ridiculous and uncool, so they seem to settle for a theology of bland elitism,focusing on trending themes in the popular culture.

I thought I would be meeting Christians and going to groups where I could get into topics such as: Do Christians believe that the modern State of Israel is the same Israel/chosen people that is referred to in the Old Testament? Is it?
Do people see a relationship between the abomination of the desolation and the transhumanist/transgenderist agenda that is taking place currently in our society. Do they?
I can’t tell, and I have never heard any of these topics coming up in a church or Bible group. If people do think that the Bible is a true prophetic narrative leading up to the current (end) times, then how are they relating it to their current belief systems and day-to-day lives. . How?
Yes, I digress and will continually digress as time goes on and I return to writing these blogs, which I did once before beginning in 2012. I have to come to terms with the fact that I am probably never going to have a Christian   community where I am discussing these types of things.But you know where they are discussing interesting topics related to Christianity and Bible prophecy?  On mainstream TV shows.
Back to “The Exorcist” TV series. I believe it is superior to the original movie, because whoever is writing it understands the way the occult works, the Biblical narrative of the Fall, the way we live in a culture created by the Fallen for the purpose of dominating the earth with them (the Fallen) at the top of the food chain -exterminating the natural human being (the abomination of the desolation) – all the while indulging the physical senses to the nth degree – the earthly paradise that God created for human beings. Hollywood – the name now encompasses not just film, but TV and independent productions being initiated within all the commercial money generating, money extracting studio systems that are in place (Hulu, Netflix, et al.) It is now general and common knowledge that Hollywood is a factory of occult ideas, memes and practices that it disseminates in a variety of ways: subliminal; trendsetting; putting value shifting homilies and ideas into the mainstream via repetitive use of symbols to embed in the psyche, etc. However, there are people who understand and are writing from both sides of the spiritual war disseminating through Hollywood, and telling it like it is, even if in a trendy, horror-genre way. I think some of these people are writing for The Exorcist.


Click the caption link for an audio clip with screenshots from Season 1, Ep.9 of The Exorcist. 

“The Fallen, what do they want?”



Dialectic of Diabolic

The Dialectic of Diabolic

I used to love Halloween – Fall is my favorite time of year and I love the deepening of the golden color of late afternoon sunlight and the changing colors of plant life, the crispness in the air – everything is so alive as it prepares for dormancy and death, the atmosphere crackles with life. As a kid in Wisconsin I loved dressing up: as a gypsy; as a beatnik (beret. cigarette holder, long blond wig; as a monster with funny rubber feet; as a Spanish flamenco dancer; yes my mother was creative. It seemed like we went for ten miles or so – it was probably more like two – running through empty fields and over railroad tracks, past abandoned barns, through woods, into exotic neighborhoods in a town whose population was around 8000, with our plastic pumpkins and flashlights, sometimes on ten speed bicycles or stingrays. We started out with coats and hats that our parents made us wear because the October nights in Wisconsin are freezing cold, until we got around the corner and whipped them off so we could traipse around for the rest of the night in our skimpy Halloween outfits. Even as an adult, before deliverance, I felt like I was missing something if I did not go out to a party or bar on Halloween. But I am over that now, because I became a new creature in Jesus Christ, when I was born again – I put away the things of a child and became an adult in Christ.

So now that the movable feast that is Halloween is upon us, or should I say, upon me, and for me it is less a travelling carnival and more a recurrent phantasm that I can consistently look forward to same time, next year, I feel compelled to write about it as I get a lot of passive aggressive feedback that my distaste for Halloween falls somewhere between making a big deal about nothing and thinking that everything is demonic. There are a few things that I’ve learned in my life, and one of them is  people are sneering at me for making a big deal about nothing, I am more than likely, definitely on to something. I don’t have the energy, even with other Christians, to try and tether some sort of dialogue about Halloween in reason. There will be none. People’s attachment to Halloween is, at best, irrational, and at worst an aggressive and obstinate insistence that they WILL ignore the diabolical basis of this holiday because it is interfering with their fantasies, which tend to run along one of three basic lines: #1 being that it is a wonderful fun-filled children’s holiday and they are adding to the wholesome delight of children.

Former satanist and Santeria priest John Ramirez speaks  about Halloween.

A satanist for 25 years, his territory included some of the roughest areas of the Bronx:

You Tube Interview:


What? know you not that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have of God, and you are not your own?  1 Corinthians 6:19- KJV

About that 1 Corinthians 6:19

Ramirez brings up the point that during this holiday children are encouraged to establish a false identity – seeing themselves not as children of God, [created in His image as the Word says, or as a temple for the Spirit of the Lord as it says in Scripture], but as a fantastical creature of darkness. My own bemusement of this has to do with wondering why a parent would want to dress their beloved, precious and beautiful child as a rotting corpse (zombie), skeleton (remains of a dead person), or devil (evil incarnate, enemy of humankind).

Lest you think that Satanism is a figment of the overactive religious imagination:

#2 – Reason number two posits that Halloween is a harmless, non-denominational holiday where everyone can cut loose. Because, it seems, we don’t have enough time set aside in our repressive culture to cut loose – cutting loose meaning drinking, eating junk food, acting-out sexually and otherwise destructively. Halloween gives us a chance to blow off steam by acting “in character,”  while remaining in essence the mature, responsible person we present to society. I suppose that is why so many of the alter-egos are sleazy, criminal, insane, sadomasochistic, homicidal and so on – think pirate, naughty school girl, Freddy Kruger, Jason,

monsters – not to mention evil supernatural – vampires, zombies, skeletons, ghosts, demons, the devil, werewolves, witches. This year I’ve heard that transgender costumes are in. I don’t know if that is really, really politically correct; or ultra-, ultra-politically incorrect.

Excerpts from the website: www.goodnewsaboutgod.com:
How about Halloween?

“In ancient Britain and Ireland, the Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced sow-inn), the Lord of the Dead, was observed on October 31, at the end of summer. The date was also the eve of the new year in both Celtic and Anglo-Saxon times and was the occasion for one of the ancient fire festivals when huge bonfires were set on hilltops to frighten away evil spirits. The souls of the dead were supposed to revisit their homes on this day, and the autumnal festival acquired sinister significance, with ghosts, witches, hobgoblins, black cats, fairies, and demons of all kinds said to be roaming about.”


“Members of Wicca, the modern-day name for Witchcraft, celebrate Halloween as one of their highest holy days. They also gather on May 1st, May Day, the pagan festival of Ishtar. Present-day witches claim they do not worship the devil, Lucifer, or Satan. They say they believe “in a balance of both male and female.” Thus, they say, they worship the god and the goddess. They, according to their literature, honor Mother Earth, and hold all of nature with great respect. However, the god and goddess they worship are the same gods worshiped in ancient Babylon, Egypt, Rome and Greece: Nimrod (Tammuz) and Semiramis, just with different names. These are pagan gods and have nothing to do with the true God of the Bible.”


 “Halloween is also a high, holy day for Satanists, those who openly admit to worshiping Satan. It is obvious that Halloween is all about death, skeletons, vampires, ghosts, witches, witches’ cauldrons, and various other items connected with darkness, evil and the devil. It originated from the ritual of human sacrifice of a cult of the ancient Celts in Britain, the Druids.

The Druid priests met at stone temple altars, such as Stonehenge, and sacrificed human beings to appease the gods. They also wore frightening masks and clothes (costumes) in an attempt to scare away the ghosts of the dead who were supposed to be revisiting their homes on that night.
The Druids who could not attend the rituals of human sacrifice, instead celebrated this Satanic holy day with Harvest Festivals , also celebrations to the pagan gods of nature. Harvest Festivals, even though completely pagan in their origins, are now often put on by churches as a supposedly “wholesome substitute” for the celebration of the pagan, Satanic rite of Halloween.”

Dr. Scott Johnson’s dedicated teachings on Halloween:


#3- Reason number three seems to be about some sort of half-baked idea about respecting diverse cultural traditions (like Satanism, I guess).There was an occult renaissance and a neo-pagan movement in the West such that the illusion of religious tolerance is de rigeuer in order to maintain the further illusion that we are a reasonable, collegial society made up of an educated and politically correct majority- This religious tolerance is somehow not really extended toward Christians, it is part of the reverse psychology playbook of the enemy that Christians now have to extend and even overdo all sorts of tolerance to people and groups that despise them in order to prove that the disdain and hostility shown toward us is undeserved, even if that means going against the Word of God. Hence the many civil laws that are being shoved down our throats.

Spiritual Warrior, Pastor Russ Dizdar on YouTube:

25 OCT 2013 Ragged Edge Radio — Dangers of Halloween – Russ Dizdar

I understand that fellow Christians want to exercise free will; they can and will do whatever they want on Halloween regardless of warnings and teachings from other Christians. Because of my own background, history and experiences, I have to be careful about everything that I do, the choices I make and what I choose to participate in.

The Bible —Deuteronomy 18:9-12a-  forbids witchcraft and necromancy in the strictest of terms. Why? Because Almighty God and the Lord, Jesus Christ is a buzz kill that wants to limit the enjoyment of children and fun harmless adult revels?Think about it Christian. If it is really so harmless than why so vehement about defending your motivations for participating in it?

I believe that there is a reason that there is so much in the Old Testament about worshiping strange gods and  and speaking to spirits. It is not Almighty God being a control freak – it is because communing with unclean spirits allows them entree into our world, they are not beneficial to humankind, in fact they are harmful, they come to rob, kill and destroy.

And to end on an upbeat note: a highly entertaining video by minister Chris LaSala – he does a 2013 commentary on an upload of an original video he came across on the net that he calls:

Video commentary is awesome!